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The best way to backup photos

Google Photos (and Drive) are safe, easy and free!

I am a Google lover juuuuuuust a little bit, except I don't get paid. Google is the only online cloud provider that I have found that keep your photos and videos safe for you for free.

If you sign up for a Google Photos account (for Free), you can upload unlimited photos from your devices (aka computers, devices, phone, tablets and whatever else can connect with photos). Let me repeat. UNLIMITED PHOTO STORAGE FOR FREE from any device.

best way to backup photos

You can sync your photos with your smartphone AND your tablet or iPad AND your computer. FOR FREE

Who doesn't love FREE?

Click here to get your free photo backup with Google Photos.

I personally believe this is the best way to backup photos!

Then, you click the link below to setup an Inactive Account Manager. Think of this as your golden key to securing your photos (for free) and making sure that if your account goes inactive (no activity, no one logs in, etc), then Google will make sure the person you designated has access to all your crap precious digital assets. How cool is that?‚Äč Super freakin'.

Click here to read about the Google Inactive Account Manager.

Click here to setup your own Google Inactive Account Manager.

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