Why you need to be grateful for what you have

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be grateful for what you have

Bethanie and Morganna were the best of friends. They were sent to each other to save their respective lives. And they did. Even though they had very little, they both learned why they need to be grateful for what they had.

Every day is a gift.

You have a purpose.

You matter and remember to cherish the people in your life because every single moment is important.

Tell someone else they matter too. It's amazing how often we forget.

A Butterfly's Journey...to a New Normal
Barbara J Hopkinson

A Butterfly's Journey...to a New Normal ​  
Please visit Barbara's site. Click here to visit A Butterfly's Journey

A Butterfly’s Journey (ABJ) has a mission to help individuals and families struggling with grief after the loss of a child, or other traumatic loss, to find hope and a new normal. We do that through grief recovery classes, through providing a comprehensive online Resource Center, and through our photo shoots to allow grievers to express themselves simply, visually and emotionally to spark discussion. We also provide assistance to other community, healthcare and grief support organizations through education and resources. Our founder and our board have all suffered traumatic loss and contribute in memory of their loved ones, in an effort to help others heal.

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