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Your life experiences shaped who you are.  

The people that influenced you helped you become the person you are.  

Your life is your legacy.  

Your legacy is based off of the life you led.

It's not based on ancestry proof that you were born and where your ancestors were born.  

You can easily document your ancestry, your legacy, your life, your memories.

Please share them with the ones you love now while you still can.  

This may sound like a lot but it is easy to do and anyone can handle this.

Discover how to begin creating your family's legacy with one answer.‚Äč

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Now, here is what we are going to do. Remember back in the day when we would gather as families and sit around the living room or the backyard, shootin' the breeze. In most cases, there were always stories and something that someone "never knew" that was revealed in those stories. In some families, you have that person that whips out the family photo albums.

Well, guess what my friend. Times have changed. No one prints pictures anymore. And our family get togethers tend to be fewer and fewer. So, sadly, we are trying to replace those memorable frequent family gatherings with our checklist.

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