Nice to meet you, I'm Bethanie Nonami.

Thanks for spending a little time with the digital version of me.

Where do I start? First, I have to tell you, I write how I speak and that ain't always right! So, please be kind proper grammar enthusiast.

I am a daughter, mom, wife, friend and mentor to pretty much anyone that I think I can help.  

I have a passion for learning, which is odd because I really didn't care for school that much.

Yet, I love reading and I am writing a blog....strange.

bethanie nonami
"I believe we all have a story that can change the world, even after we're gone"

We started this company to honor my Mom, Morganna.

She was one of the strongest women I had ever met and the closest person to me my entire life.

She taught me so many valuable lessons and would always make sure to share her experiences with me.

She was big on printing pictures and keeping photo albums filled with pictures.

We would look at them frequently.

When my kids were born, she would always ask for a copy of the picture.

Not a digital copy in email, a real old school copy of a picture on photo paper.

bethanie nonami

Morganna & Bethanie

The Christmas in 2011 my Mom was ill in the hospital and a family member made her a beautiful memory book (or scrapbook) for her Christmas present.

She loved it!

She was in the hospital and she kept the book on her hospital bed food table and demanded every one look at the book (poor nurses!).

To her, this book was the best part of her life documented.

It was the proof that all the pain and heartache didn’t define her, this did.

Her family, her legacy. She made me realize that what we are losing is history, stories, memories.

We must make sure that we are documenting our memories, our experiences, our stories and ultimately, our legacies.

Changing lives long after you're gone

She passed 2 days after Christmas.

But when she left, she left loved, cherished, respected and revered by her daughter and her grandchildren.

What she also left were boxes of mementos for my kiddos.

She thought of life's big moments, like graduations, weddings and children.

To life's simple moments, like first heartbreak, being picked on at school and lessons that shape how you believe in yourself.

It was important to her that the way she wanted to share her memories continued to include my children.

She had “brag books” that she would carry with her to show her friends and her doctors the latest thing her beautiful granddaughter did.

I think more people knew my daughter by name AND what she looked like because of the pictures I would still print.

Later in life when my second child was born, I was too busy to print pictures, so my Mom took matters into her own hands and she bought photo paper for her ink jet printer.

Now, these pictures were not professional quality printing by all means, but you know what, it made her happy and it was important to her.

My Mom had such a hard time understanding why people stopped printing pictures

And I had such a hard understanding why seeing the picture on your computer wasn’t enough?

It's More Than Facebook & Smartphones

My dream with Memento is that you have a simple way to share your experiences in only a few short minutes.

That you are not fearful or frustrated with technology.

That you know how to connect with those you love in a matter of seconds.

By yourself.

Without anyone's help.

In the amount of time it would take you to drink a cup of coffee, you can connect with your loved ones and deepen your relationships more than ever before.

I am excited that you are here and welcome to my digital family.

​I know this will be a journey and I am both excited and terrified but I welcome the challenge and look forward to making a huge impact in people's lives for a very, very long time.

Thank you for spending your time with me.

- Bethanie Nonami; Founder, Memento​

P.S. Please feel free shoot me a note. I respond to every email, it's just good manners! You can reach me at

P.P.S. If you haven't met my Mom, you should. She was an amazing person and my inspiration for Memento. Click here to read about Morganna.

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