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Why Do You Need to Keep Your Facebook Profile Safe

Most of us have used Facebook to replace our photo albums. Make sure your Facebook photos are secure today. Take a few minutes to change one tiny thing in your Facebook Profile.

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Backing up photos from your mobile phone for free

Make sure you are keeping your photos and videos safe with this super fast tip. You can do it. It is easy and free. And it will take less than a minute. I promise you. 

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Capturing Memories with Little People (aka Kids)

What do you do with all the photos and videos of your kids that are on your phone and your computer? Make that video or photo come to life with a special message from you and save it for the kids for later in their own email account.  

It will take about 15 minutes to setup but well worth it my friend. I pinky promise.

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Preserving Your Stories & Sharing Your Life One Memory at a Time

Since we no longer have photo albums, our smartphones have become our new official family documenting tool of choice.  Whether your shopping for the perfect gift for a grandchild or grandparent, everyone has a story to share. Learn a few quick and easy ways to capture your family's stories, one memory at a time.

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How do they want to be remembered?
Community Magazine Article - March 2017

Read my story as I was a caregiver for my Mom and we tried to capture her stories and her life to share with my children, whom were 3 and 5 years old when she passed. Learn my quick tips to get started on your family's legacy too. Non-technical, easy to do steps. Click here to read more


its time podcast

Hey, I have one of those. Check out my podcast It's Time Podcast - Season 1

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If you love to learn AND you haven't listened to an podcasts, you should. Podcasts have replaced the radio for many people. Almost any topic you can imagine, you can find a podcast about. They are fantastic. I LOVE them. We have never had access to so much knowledge at our fingertips. You can download a mobile app or listen on the internet.

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