Don't drink, don't smoke...what do you do?   CARS!!

1989 Chevy El Camino SS

I know it seems bad but..

It will get better I promise

Matte before matte was cool

Yes, please cover those Budniks up

Everything is scuffed & sealed

It looks really bright right?  A little scary but you can never judge paint before it's done.

The bright red flames never looks this bright but this is in the paint booth with the spotlights shining directly on the car. 

Check it out below in the day light. That is what it really looks like.

The flames aren't normally this bright, this is with a filter applied to the photo.

This is really what the flames look like on a normal sunny day.

Even the bottom of the bumper is painted.  Yeah baby!

Here is the El Camino on a cloudy day.  You can see the flames but not to vividly.

Removed the old brake lights and installed a custom light and blacked them out. Then installed a custom light strip between the tail gate and the bumper.

Check the flames here too. Maybe we should paint those flames red too...NOT.

Goodbye old 393 stroker engine... being upgraded now.

1989 Chevy Iroc-Z

Oh spooky green glow.

No sun, so you can't see how candy the paint is.  I can't believe I don't have a better one.

Everyday drivers

Stylish tank for babies. Limited Westminster Edition.  Beautiful craftsmanship. I love this truck.

But, it was way too small.  It was our 3rd Range, you think we would have realized it was way too small! You can't even fit a stroller in the back.

Next baby car.  Vanity plate:

BABY MBL (baby mobile, get it?)

Got a bit more practical.  Escalade ESV - seats 7. Ahhh kick back and relax. Now, this is big!

The tint on the car was super dark. We got pulled over by the cops constantly.  That part sucked but it sure looked gooooood.

We kinda went through a black phase

Can you tell?  We did that with silver too.

See those wheels.  22" Asanti's. Someone stole them in broad daylight in Buckhead in Atlanta.  Bastards!

They left it on cinder blocks.  We should've taken a picture of that!

Apparently the Escalade wasn't big enough.  How about a F450? Will that work? Yessir!  I think this is my new fav everyday driver. Love this truck!

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