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Episode 014 - Do you think its a sign when your body shuts down? (22 minutes)

We are going to talk about how to move beyond burnout and exhaustion. Your body and your mind can only take so much before it shuts down. I truly believe that our bodies tell us when we need rest or just a mental break. But many times, we are too busy to notice the signs.

As we near the end of the year, many of us will spend time reflecting on this year, which can be a scary and dangerous thing.

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Show Notes:

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Monica Shah is a small business owner, MBA grad and business professor. I have my MBA from the Kellogg School of Management (the business school at Northwestern University). I am also an adjunct business professor in New York City, where I teach marketing and business plan classes. But first and foremost, I’m an entrepreneur, a corporate escapee and a lover of everything in the business world.

I’m also passionate about guiding women through the process of leaving corporate to start their own companies. Leaving corporate was the biggest gift I’ve ever given myself. I’m happy to be the Sherpa who guides newbies to the other side – safely and profitably.

Good News:

Tony Robbins explains weathering tough times

Tony Robbins says we all have seasons in our life. They are phases of our life we are meant to go through. We come through these seasons stronger, wiser and a better person because of it.

In this short clip, Tony Robbins talks to Oprah about why we have to experience the seasons, which are ups/downs or highs/lows.

To see the video on Oprah's website, click here.

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