Give the gift of a  memory

Give a meaningful gift  that lasts eternally

Capture your legacy and give  purpose and meaning  your gift.

Don't waste another minute searching for   gifts for your family  that seem to mysteriously disappear!

Buy something that is a warm hug on a cold day; that shows them know how much they matter to you.

How can you find a gift for someone that doesn't need  anything? 
Easy Peezy. No, really, it is.

When it comes to buying for our younger family members, it's hard to know what to buy (without a screen).

As we get older, things that used to be really important, don't seem to matter as much.

We tend to cherish how we spend our time and the people we spend it with, more as each day passes.

But the one thing we all seem to lack the most, is quality time with the people we care for deeply.

If they only knew...

  • how important it is to cherish the people that we love
  • how quickly time flies
  • that tomorrow is not gauranteed
  • how you would rather hear their voice than get a text message
  • and how before they know it life will pass us by

Our lives have changed.

We want to have more time to spend with our families, friends and loved ones but the fact is we don't.

You may not have the time with them that you want but you can pass down what is most important to you today without evening taking any of your loved ones time.

You can create a gift of your stories, memories, traditions, lessons
into your  legacy to pass down for generations to come.

You may be thinking, it's too hard!  

It's not hard.

It's not technical.

You don't have to know anything other than your life's stories.

You can capture your stories today:

  • by writing them down with pen and paper
  • by typing them on a computer or tablet
  • by talking into a digital recorder
  •  by talking into your smart phone
  • or if you want to be super fancy, you can start recording a video of you telling your stories

I was a caregiver for my Mom most of my adult life

And it was hard to find the time to take care of my family, myself and spend the time with my Mom that she wanted from me.

When she started to get really sick, we scrambled to capture the stories of her life and important lessons

She passed away when my kids were 3 and 5.

Her biggest fear was that she wouldn't be remembered.

When she passed, I found boxes of mementos for my kids to give them after she passed.

  • ​letter when my daughter's heart was broken the first time
  • a letter for my son after his first fight
  • a letter when they get fired from their first job
  • birthday & holiday cards
  • trinkets to give the kids at various times in their lives

​Moments that she knew she would miss, captured to share with them in their lives.

Moments that as a child that you would want to be comforted by your Nana.

This was the greatest gift she could ever give our family... her legacy 

If you don't start capturing your legacy today, there's always tomorrow, right?

Is there?

One thing we all have in common is... we are getting older.  

And we don't get today back.

And as cliche as it may sound... time really does fly by.

But here's the thing, do your loved ones know you? Really  know you.

My Mom dreamed of being a dancer and I had no idea she loved to dance.

It is NEVER too late to give your family your legacy to learn from for years to come. 

I had never seen her dance. To know someone your whole life and never see them do what they loved...

that gave me the worst feeling deep in my soul.​

I hurt my soul that I didn't know what my Mom loved. ​

I knew the person that:

  • worked her entire life day in and day out
  • rode the bus to and from work leaving her mentally drained and physically exhausted
  • but still loved me like there was no tomorrow
  • never gave up on me even when I wasn't strong enough to believe in myself
  • and taught me the best way she knew how

But I never realized until the moment, that she was a person first, with hopes and dream, before me.

I was so very fortunate that I got a chance to get to know my Mom.

I vowed that I would get to know the ones I loved for who they dreamed of being, were and are today.

I didn't have any grandparents to get to know, it was just me and my Mom.

But she was all I needed.

Do people know your hopes,  dreams and the experiences  in your life that made

You may have lived through things unimaginable, endured heartbreaking pain, seen things that you don't ever want to see in your lifetime again

But you have amazing stories to share.

If you have people you love, share the essence of who you are, while you can.

Can you imagine, being a young person trying to find your way in the world, struggling with failure

and getting a message of encouragement from your great grandmother whom you never had the honor to meet

but somehow you were given comfort and a sense of wellbeing

You may be thinking, "I can't do that. It sounds too difficult and I'm not technical!!!"

Give a memory.

Ready? Let's get started!

We make it easy... and it's free!

Discover the joy in creating your family's legacy today​

​Before my Mom passed, I was fortunate enough to get to know her for who she really was outside of just being my Mom. 

It was the greatest gift I was ever given and it 
meant more to me and my kids than words could ever express

​Because I know you may think this is hard, I am gifting it to you.

I am giving you hours of frustrating internet searches that yield no help and making it simple for you.

Basically, I did all the grunt work and you get to do the fun stuff.

You're welcome. ​​

Spend as little or as much time as you wish.

But I implore you, do something, today, not tomorrow, please.​

Bethanie Nonami, Founder of Memento

Bethanie & her Mother, Morganna

My hope for you is that you live a full life.  You live the way you were meant to live.  And that may not be where you are right now but you do have the power to make changes even if you don't see it yet. 

Proud daughter, wife, mother and mentor. I am honored and so appreciative that you have taken the time out of your life to spend it with me.  I am super excited about this new direction of my life helping people capture their lives and build legacies for families.

You can reach me at: [email protected] or call at 866-831-9888.​

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