Give the gift of a  memory

A meaningful gift  that gives beyond a lifetime

Give purpose and meaning back to the lives of your loved ones
before they won't be here to celebrate with you.

Don't waste another minute searching for   gifts for grandparents  that seem to mysteriously disappear!

Our days are jam packed with more "things to do" even after a busy day of doing things, we still wake up the next day with just as much to do. How is that even possible?

As much as you would love to check this off your list, please don't buy another T-Shirt, mug or keychain! ​

Buy something that is a warm hug on a cold day; that shows them know how much they matter to you.

How can you find a gift for someone that doesn't need  anything? 
Easy Peezy. No, really, it is.

When it comes to buying for our aging parents and grandparents, each year gets harder and harder to find the perfect present.

As we get older, things that used to be really important, don't seem to matter as much.

We tend to cherish how we spend our time and the people we spend it with, more as each day passes.

But the one thing we all seem to lack the most, is free time. You would think with Google, Pinterest and Amazon the right gift would be easy to find. 

Well stop wasting time and learn how to get the perfect present for free!​

We start searching for gift ideas for grandparents and three hours later we're looking at the top 10 organization hacks in amazement of all the great ideas we never thought of, and still no closer to finding that present!


If they only knew...

  • how much you have to deal with
  • what you can't get done that you have to delegate or have to forego it completely
  • how many course corrections get made
  • how much stress & guilt you carry around
  • and on and on and on

We are expected to be everything to everyone, and some many days, it's just too much!​

We want to have more time to spend with our families, friends and loved ones but the fact is we don't.

But guess what?

They get it. Our grandparents understand that life is crazy. And guess what else, they still love us.​

What if you could give your grandparent a gift that would make them
feel loved and cherished  that wouldn't take up any of your time?

You may be thinking, it's too late!  

It's been months since I called or years since I visited.

I know. I had this awful sense of guilt that I should be doing more or even I could do more.

But the truth was, I couldn't.

I was running on FUMES on almost a daily basis.

Keeping up with:

  • my husband and family
  • my job
  • my friends 
  • my community, volunteering & service
  • and what little of my life was left for me

Taking care of my Mom was my honor and my duty but everything seems to demand my time.

And I did the best I could given what I was humanly capable of doing.

I used to be riddled with guilt, and it's taken me quite a while but I have come to accept I did my best.

My Mom never thought for one moment that I wasn't doing everything I could for her.

She never made me feel guilty, that was all my own doing! Thank you me.​

It is NEVER too late to tell someone you love them and they matter to you.
Never ever too late!

But, there's always tomorrow.

Is there?

One thing we all have in common is... we are getting older.  

And we don't get today back.

And as cliche as it may sound... time really does fly by.

But here's the thing, did you know that our parents and grandparents were real people with vivid dreams (other than becoming your guardians) before we came along?

I knew that but I kinda didn't. My Mom dreamed of being a dancer and I had no idea she loved to dance.

I had never seen her dance. To know someone your whole life and never see them do what they loved...

that gave me the worst feeling deep in my gut, which I feel like was my soul.​

I hurt my soul that I didn't know what my Mom loved. ​

I knew the person that:

  • worked her entire life day in and day out
  • rode the bus to and from work leaving her mentally drained and physically exhausted
  • but still loved me like there was no tomorrow
  • never gave up on me even when I wasn't strong enough to believe in myself
  • and taught me the best way she knew how

But I never realized until the moment, that she was a person first, with hopes and dream, before me.

I was so very fortunate that I got a chance to get to know my Mom.

I didn't have any grandparents to get to know, it was just me and my Mom.

But that was all I needed.

Do you know the hopes, the dreams and the lives of your  Grandparents?

Your ancestors have lived through things you couldn't imagine, endured pain you couldn't stomach, seen things that you won't ever see in your lifetime and have amazing stories that they want to share with you.

If you have living grandparents, it is your responsibility to know them as deeply as you can, while you can.

It would make their hearts melt with love and fill their lives with joy, meaning and purpose.

What could be more special than making someone feel that they matter and are loved?

You may be thinking, "Geez, how much time will that take?!"

What you can do now?

  • Start getting to know your folks and their folks
    Who were they? What were their dreams? What happened that shaped the path they were on? Who changed their life? What did they want to be when they grew up? What would they tell their 20 year old self? What would they tell their 10 year old self about life? What do they wish they had done? Really get to know them.
  • Recruit or delegate!
    If you have kids, pull the parent card. If you have family members, beg and plead with them. You may have a family friend, the famous "Aunt Betty", who technically isn't family but has been around long enough that she has become family. Tell them what you are doing and get their help. I don't want you to be mad at me about adding more to your "To Do" list.


Let's get 'er done!

Begin building your  Family's Legacy 

​Before my Mom passed, I was fortunate enough to get to know her for who she really was outside of just being my Mom. 

It was the greatest gift I was ever given
and it meant more to her than words could ever express

​Because I know you are busy, I am gifting it to you.

I am giving you hours of time saved, bookmarks and stuff to shift through.

Basically, I did all the grunt work and you get to do the fun stuff.

You're welcome. ​​

Spend as little or as much time as you wish.

But I implore you, do something, today, not tomorrow, please.​

Discover the joy in creating your family's legacy with this free guide.​

Bethanie Nonami, Founder of Memento
Gifts for Grandparents

Bethanie & my Mother, Morganna

Proud daughter, wife, mother and mentor. I am honored and so appreciative that you have taken the time out of your own busy life to spend it with me.  I am super excited about this new direction of my life helping people capture their lives and build legacies for families.

My hope for you is that you live a full life.  You live the way you were meant to live.  And that may not be where you are right now but you do have the power to make changes even if you don't see it yet. 

You can reach me at: [email protected] or call at 866-831-9888.​

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