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How to Memorialize a Facebook Page

How to Setup a Facebook Legacy Contact & Memorialize a Facebook Page

Memorialize a Facebook Page

Why You NEED to Setup a Facebook Legacy Contact Today!

Memorialize a Facebook Page

Are you one of the 1.5 Billion (or more) people with a Facebook account?

Have you ever considered, who owns your Facebook photos???

What happens to Facebook a.k.a. your entire online life, if something happens to you???

That is the million dollar question.

And it takes the 3 minutes to Memorialize your Facebook Page.

If you have a Facebook profile, then you should have a Facebook Legacy Contact setup so someone, that you trust, can Memorialize Your Facebook Profile Page for you!

What Can Your Facebook Legacy Contact Do With Your Facebook Profile?

A Facebook Legacy Contact is a person that would be able to access your Facebook profile if something happens to you.

These are some of the things your Facebook Legacy Contact can do on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself:

  • Access your Facebook Profile on your behalf.
  • Notify friends and family. Many of us still have a phone/address book but for hundreds of millions of people Facebook has become the modern day Rolodex for many people. This may be the easiest way for your family and friends to be reached. This is also less burden on your loved ones too!
  • Memorialize your page. This is important to do if someone passes. This allows the page, with all of your photos and posts, to stay online. It can be healing to be able to see someone that you have lost. This also may help protect the page from fraud/spam (sad but it happens all the time, even after death).
  • Ability to download the photos, videos and data (your posts and your About Info from your profile page). If your Legacy contact wants to download your Facebook content they can. That way people will have your photos offline and don't have to go to Facebook to reminisce.
  • Delete your Facebook Profile page.

Before you assign someone as your Facebook Legacy Contact, please take these steps:

  1. Think of who you would want to contact people on your behalf if you became ill or something were to happen to you.
  2. Ask them if they would do you the honor of being your person to communicate on your behalf and take care of your profile, notifications, photos, etc. (Don't take it personal if they say no, this may not be their thing. That's OK)
  3. Get the name of their Facebook Profile. They must have a Facebook Account to be your Legacy Contact. If they don't have one, they may not be comfortable navigating and you may need to find an alternative person.

Once you have done the steps above, you should be ready to setup your Facebook Legacy Contact.

This doesn't cost you a cent and takes no time to setup but it can be super hard  for your loved ones to fight Facebook for access to your profile after you're gone if you don't do this simple process now.

So, let's just play it safe, shall we?

If you have a Facebook account, you MUST setup a legacy contact.

It takes only a few minutes and your entire life on Facebook will be in good hands in case something happens to you!

And don't worry, you can add, change and remove access from your contact at any time.

It only takes a few short minutes to have the peace of mind that your Facebook profile is in good hands.

This is some​thing that we don't realize there is nothing we can do until it's too late.

Take a few minutes to do it now, please.

What You Need Before You Setup Your Facebook Legacy Contact

A couple of things before you start:

  • ​Their permission. Please make sure your person is aware of being your legacy contact and they are cool with that.
  • Your legacy contact must have their own Facebook account. You will need their Facebook Profile Name.
  • You can only choose one person to be your legacy contact. However, you can change this person at any time you choose. NOTE: Every time you add or remove a legacy contact, they will be notified in an email message from Facebook.

How would you like to learn how to setup your Facebook Legacy Contact?

Memorialize a Facebook Page
Memorialize a Facebook Page

BONUS: Would you like to print a checklist or have step-by-step instructions (with pictures)? Click here.

9 Easy Steps to Setup a Facebook Legacy Contact

Click here to go to the Legacy Contact section in you Facebook Profile right now and go to Step #7. If this doesn't work, start at Step #1.

1. Login to Facebook

2. Go to the dark blue triangle on the upper right hand side of your Facebook Profile page.

3. Go to the bottom of that menu box and click on the word Settings (above Log Out).

4. Click on the Security menu item – it’s at the top on the left side of your screen, right below General. This will open your Security Settings area.

5. Click on the Legacy Contact menu item – Towards the bottom of the menu (above Deactivate Your Account). Click the pencil or Edit button (on the far right side of the screen). This will open your Legacy Contact area.

6. Click where it says Choose a friend in the middle of the screen and type the name of the person you would like to be your legacy contact.

7. Confirm you have the right person and click Add

8. Click the blue Send button

9. Click OK

Once you are done, you will receive an email from Facebook notifying you that you have designated a legacy contact.

It's that easy.

Now all of your photos and important information are protected and can be passed on easily.

BONUS: Would you like to print a checklist or have step-by-step instructions (with pictures)? Click here.

A Couple of other tidbits:

To change or remove your legacy contact:

Follow the same instructions as above when you added a new Facebook Legacy Contact.

Next to the Profile Picture of your Facebook Legacy Contact, click Remove.

Data Archive Permission

This means if something happens to you or you pass away, your legacy contact can have a copy of whatever you have online in Facebook. This would include your posts, your photos, your videos and the information in your About section of your Facebook Profile.

Check the box (click with your mouse) IF you want your legacy contact to have your photos and videos.

NOTE: DO NOT check this box, if you only want your Facebook Legacy Contact to communicate on your behalf to your Facebook friends BUT you do NOT want them to download your Facebook profile photos and videos.

Delete Your Account in the Future

This option will allow Facebook to delete your entire profile, if someone contacts Facebook and notifies them of your death.

How to memorialize a Facebook profile, once you are their Facebook Legacy Contact.

If your friend has passed away without setting up a legacy contact, you can still request that Facebook memorialize their account using this form.

You will need to provide the following information: 

  • The person's name
  • Approximate date of death
  • Optional but helpful: Proof of death (such as a link to an obituary)

A memorialized account will have the word "Remembering" in front of the person's name, and will not show up in Facebook ads, "People You May Know," or send out reminders on the person's birthday.

Memorialized accounts cannot be logged into, so memorializing someone's account also prevents the account from fraud or getting hacked, which happens even after people have passed away.

BONUS: Would you like to print a checklist or have step-by-step instructions (with pictures)? Click here.

What if you don't know if there is a Facebook Legacy Contact?

If you're an immediate family member, you can request that the account be deleted instead of memorialized.

To do this, use Facebook's Special Request for Deceased Person's Account form.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • ​Your full name.
  • The deceased person's full name.
  • The URL of their Timeline. This means if you go to their Facebook Profile Page, and look for this in the top address bar. It will look something like this
  • Email address, if they have more than one email address, you may have to try this with each email address. Facebook accounts are directed connected to our email address but you can have multiple emails connected. So, just do your best with this.
  • Date of death
  • You will also need to provide proof that you are an immediate family member or you have the authority to make this request. Facebook verifies this with the death certificate. However, there are other ways to verify with Facebook as listed below:
  • Submit one document to provide proof of authority:

    • Power of attorney
    • Birth certificate
    • Last will and testament
    • Estate letter

    Submit one document to provide proof that your loved one has passed away:

    • Obituary
    • Memorial card
  • Most important, is to decide what you want to have done with the Facebook Profile. Please consult with your family and friends before deleting the profile (Remove this account). I would recommend memorializing the account until some time has passed and you know for certain you want to do something differently. Here are some of your options:
How to Memorialize a Facebook Page

Guess what????


Memorialize a Facebook Page

One last thing, you're not alone. If you are stuck, you have a question, or you have feedback, please email me at or call me at 866-831-9888.

BONUS: Would you like to print a checklist or have step-by-step instructions (with pictures)? Click here.

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