How to research your business idea the right way...for me

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Here's what's about to go down (ep 008) - 41 minutes

Geeez.  I know it seems like a long one but I hope you find it useful. Learn with Bethanie as she follows the industry standard of lean startup methodology.  Then learns she wasted MONTHS talking to the wrong people.  But's it's all good. She learned what not to do next time. 

lean startup

Get tips and step by step instructions on how she did it and what resources she used to start to figure out her ideal customers and what her ideal target market looked like was nothing like she thought it was going to be!!  What???

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Show Notes:

Resources that really helped my on researching my target:

UX| The Practical Essentials of Real World UX by Brendan Bolton-Klinger
My Fav course on UX development.  I think the course is geared towards people that do this for a living but it was chocked full of great info and super duper helpful.  I was so happy to have found this.  It was free when I took it but if you have to pay for it, do it!  
Udemy Course - click here
Brendan Bolton-Klinger Twitter - @learnux

Lean Startup Book by Eric Reis, click here.  This book is great for anyone starting a business, thinking about starting a new business or expanding their existing business.

UX for Lean Startup by Laura Klein. Click here. Great book for everyone starting out and easy to understand and read.  And dare I say fun?  I really enjoyed this book.

Amy Hoy - A....different approach to identifying your target market.  She is honest, no BS and may not be for everyone but I like her. You will have to judge for yourself.  Click here.

Other well known resources around target market research and development:

Full disclosure.  I didn't read these (maybe I shouda, huh?) but I believe they are the foundation for Eric's book above.  If you are ​an avid reader, then you may want to check them out.  But I have not personally read them.   Check out the reviews on Amazon before you buy.  Psssst  - They both have blogs too.

Alexander Osterwalder - Value Proposition Design - How to Create Products and Services Customers Want (Strategyzer). Click here

Alexander Osterwalder - Business Model Generation - A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers and Challengers. Click here. This book is the one that he business model canvas that I talked about was based on with the questions about "What problems am I solving?", "Who is my customer?, etc.

Steve Blank - Startup Owner's Manual - Step-by-step Guide to Building a Great Company - Click here.  This is the latest book he has, so I would assume it is updated. 

Good News:

Tony Robbins - Session with Reschaud.  The quality is not the best. (~7 mins)

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