How valuable is your value proposition?

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If you can't state your value in one sentence, you need to do better!  Episode 012 -  (29 minutes)

Guess what?   You need to have a kickass website.  Or you cannot have one and just continue to renew your yellow pages ad. Good luck with that one!

Your website is the first step.  The second step is to be super crystal clear about what you do, who you're helping, the benefit to them and what makes you different from everyone else.  You may chuckle and think you get it but listen to a couple of the examples in the show and you may rethink that my friend.

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Show Notes:

Clearly stating your value proposition:

In one sentence you should be able to answer these four questions:
1. What are you selling?
2. What is the benefit of using it?
3. Who is the target customer?
4. What makes your offering different from your competitors?

My AMAZING WordPress Theme.  Thrive Themes has amazing training videos too about increasing conversion and opt-ins.  The theme is designed to help you build landing pages and high converting pages. It takes the guess work out of it. You can spend the time researching how to build a high converting page or you can just page a reasonable fee for something else to be the expert and you can leverage their knowledge. I bought the theme subscription which includes the lead plug-ins and content building plug-ins that make beautiful web pages.
Click here to access Thrive Themes.

Business Name Ideas - Great infographic.  If you opt-in, they send you a quick name creation checklist, which I found to be super helpful but of course I found it after I named my business.  But hopefully you can use it!  Click here

My plug-in list:

Google Analytics - You need to setup an account with Google first, they will give you a unique code for your website.  You will then need to setup this (or another Google Analytics plug-in) and enter your code.  You may have to login with your username and password, depending on the plug-in.  Click here

SEO Plug-in for your site - Yoast SEO - Plug-in (free) - This will help you get found on search engines for your niche (keywords).  Click here

Fiverr - $5 Marketplace - Click here

Value Proposition Examples discussed in the podcast:
WordPress - Click here

Mint - Click here
Zapier - Click here
Soundcloud - Click here
Uber - Click here
Synthesis - Click here
Square - Click here
Dropbox - Click here

Music Featured on this episode:
Monks - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - YT

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