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fear is stopping you

How fear is stopping you from reaching your goals

It's Time Podcast

Not recognizing your patterns may prevent crazy success!!  (24 minutes) - Episode 020

When Bethanie realizes that she has one daunting task that is stopping her business from moving forward in a major way. The reason it is not getting done might surprise you!

What happens when you get to the root of what is feeding your fear. If you can have a breakthrough once, then you’re cured forever? Think again my friend.

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Show Notes:

Resources from the show:

Moving Beyond Fear -  Going deeper. I know it sounds major but I promise you can do it.  And it may actually help you have a clearer mind. This is the exercise that Tony Robbins teaches in his Unleash the Power Within conference.  Click here to listen/read.

Kate Worthington - Amazing gift to help you break through your mindset, clarity, fear, doubt and a bunch of other stuff woman! Click here to connect with Kate on Facebook.

Monica Shah - The Money Club and many other fine programs
FREE MONEY MAGNET, REVENUE TRACKING AND MORE: ​ Please visit Monica's Money Website 
Visit Monica's Website: Please visit Monica's Revenue Breakthrough Website

Good News:

Alan Watts - Philospher, Professor and Poet

This short clip changed my life and it helped me realize that I can do anything that I love.  I still have to figure it all out but I will.  This inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Full YouTube video - 15 minutes

Alan Watts' website, click here

Music Featured on this episode:
Magic Marker - Silent Partner (Artist) - YT
Exciting Race - Artist Unknown -

Music Featured on every episode:
Cry - Vibe Tracks (Artist) - YT
Monks - Topher Mohr & Alexa Elena (Artists) - YT
Turn on - RW Smith (Artist) - YT
Westfalia - Samuel Boisvert (Artist) - You ROCK (Album)

YT = YouTube Free Audio Library

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