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If you can't get traction, you need to improve your business

It's Time Podcast

Why understanding traction is critical to your success! (25 minutes) - Episode 022

While Bethanie explores options with funding, angel investors and programs like accelerators for startups, she is constantly faced with traction.

Before you can begin building your empire, traction is something that you must understand. Bethanie talks about revenue, growth, churn and how users impact others perception of your business.

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Show Notes:

Resources from the show:

The Pitch Deck-  Here is the podcast I was mentioning with Gaven McCulley and his interview with Clay Collins, Founder of LeadPages.  If you are thinking that you need money to start your company in a BIG, BIG, way.  Listen to this first!! 

Books Mentioned in this episode: I am sure most of these are in your local library for FREE!!!
- Traction - How any startup can achieve explosive customer growth. Gabriel Weinberg & Justin Mares  If you are a startup or thinking about a startup, then this book explains traction, which is a critical measurement metric in the startup industry for everyone from investors to accelerator programs.If you are a startup and you are doing OK but you need more customers, then you may enjoy it too. Click here to buy on Amazon.
- Traction - Get a grip on your business - Gino Wickman - This is a fantastic book IF you are already an existing business with revenue. This book helps you systemize and automate the processes in your business, makes sure you have the right people in the right seats and allows you to scale so your business can run without you.  Fantastic book for anyone that is looking to improve the WAY you run your business. If you are just starting, don't read this one yet.  You wouldn't be ready to take advantage of some of the resources yet. Click here to buy on Amazon.
- The Automatic Customer - John Warrillow - No matter what business you have, you should read this book PERIOD. Click here to buy on Amazon.

Good News:

Justin Timberlake - Droppin' Knowledge

Sometimes it's hard to remember that when you see people on the top, they probably had to struggle to get there.  So, when you are working to achieve a goal and it seems too far out of reach, just make sure you are giving it more than 100%!

Oprah's Master Class with Justin Timberlake.  Click here to watch the whole episode

Music Featured on this episode:
For the Love of Money - The O'Jays  (To Buy the O'Jay's song from iTunes, click here.

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