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About this episode 000 - And so it begins - (15 minutes)
Listen to how going to the grocery store can alter your destiny and life as you know it can change in an instant. Get a taste of real talk about balancing the demands of a modern working woman that struggles to fulfill her dream while being a wife, a mom, a caregiver and still try to contribute to humanity.

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Good News Feature:
Super inspiring, motivating and touching story about a women that had to deal with extraordinary circumstances.  But her circumstances didn't define her or prevent her from living the life of her dreams. Original Story about Nicole Rasmussen
 Click here to read the story about Nicole

Nicole’s  Inspirational Cooking Blog: 
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Extinction Level Event
Always Hopeful -YT
Another Perspective - YT
Monks - YT
Believer - YT
Big Car Thief

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Cry - YT
Monks - YT
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