Living in Fear

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Episode 001 - Here's what's about to go down - (27 minutes)
Join Bethanie on her family's journey as they are living in fear and hiding.

Living in Fear

Sometimes being a kid is tough. But being embarrassed by your parents in front of your friends, is traumatizing and may be the end of your World as you know it. Think being a kid is tough? Try being a grown up!

Listen to how Bethanie's Mom has to rebuild her life while in a constant state of fear and hiding. Quotes about life and how things in our life don't affect as much as how we let those things affect us in our lives.

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Show Notes:

This week's sponsor:  Helen MacMillan

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Helen MacMillan Coaching is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs create the financial and personal freedom that they went into business for in the first place (but so often eludes them). Our mission is to equip women entrepreneurs with the mindset, skill set and healing that makes them unstoppable in creating joyful, sustainable, personal and professional success. Through combining spiritual/universal principles with solid business strategies, our clients get phenomenal results!

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Good News:

Meathead Movers - Story

Good Shepherd Shelter - Domestic Violence non-profit - Website has tons of resources for victims of domestic violence.

Meathead Movers Website -

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