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Create your own online photo storage with all your precious life moments for free

The options are endless when it comes to backing up your digital life that is on your phone, tablets and computers.  But you can handle this on your own quickly and for free.  If you follow these quick tips, you can create your own online photo storage digital time capsules privately for your family without sharing with your 500 non-closest friends on Facebook.

Quick note:  If you have people that are little ones, then, do this step first.

Pre-step 1.
For every little one in your family, setup a GMAIL email account for them.  It is quick, safe, easy and free!  I have one for each child in our family.  Here is an example of possible solutions (,, You will have to use your age and email address as the primary. And add an email address you frequently use, in case you forget the password in the future, you want to have a place to have the reset password sent to.

Pre-step 2.
Now that you have an email address setup for every little one, write down the email address and password in a safe place.  You can also email it to someone that your trust but I am not a fan of sending usernames and passwords over the very unsecure internet wires.

Our lives are in our phone, don't risk losing all of your photos or videos!!!! Trust me.

Get ready to have your world rocked!

Step 1.  
Add these emails as a contact in your phone.  If you added 3 email addresses for your kids, then you will add 3 new contacts.  One contact for each child
Step 2.
Send an email to friends, family and loved ones.  Let everyone know that you have setup a special email for your little loved ones and you expect them to use these email addresses.​  Here is a sample message that you can copy and paste. I know pretty awesome, right?
​Hello Everyone,
We wanted to let you all know of something special we have started to do in our family.  We have setup an email address for child name.  The email address is Please add this email address in your phone and your email account contacts (ie Yahoo, Google, etc).  

Now, here is the fun part.  Whenever you have a special moment or capture a funny picture or video with them, please send that precious moment you shared with them to this email address. And you don't have to wait for a picture to send a special note.  Anything that you want to share, please feel free to share it.  It can be a simple one liner.  Every little thing is important!

We will be monitoring the account to make sure that it is safe and will be around until they are old enough to respond to their own emails.

Thank you so much for being such a special part of our lives and we look forward to hearing your special memories with our little loved ones.
Step 3.
Now, every time you have a funny picture, quick video or family photo, please send it right then to this email account for the kids.  It takes 10 seconds and you are done.  You could start this as early as birth and keep it going for their entire lives.

Important Thing to Know:

Unless your are fanatical about this like I am, then you may forget to check in on these email addresses every once and awhile. So, just to be on the safe side, setup an Inactive Account Manager in Google, then you won't ever have to worry about losing access to these emails.  After you have done these steps, click here to read more about setting up a Google Inactive Account Manager.

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