Overcoming my challenges can seem super tough

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Episode 005 -  You choose how the things in your life shape you. You have the power to fail or persevere. (35 minutes)

The human mind is a powerful thing. The human mind has been proven to perform miraculous and unexplainable things.

overcoming my challenges

Being given up as a baby and classified as “un-adoptable”. Losing all of her work friends and learning how quickly you can be discarded by the world. Being treated an unequal to her educated male counterparts. All could be reasons to give up and fail. Or you can interrupt those experiences at opportunities to motivate you to grow and step up your game.

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Kyle Maynard - Speaker, Motivator & Athlete

Fantastic video about the inspiring Kyle Maynard. Check out the video about his journey of his life and how he is living his true calling of being an inspiration hero to all of us.

Full YouTube video - 11 minutes

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