Quick and easy ways to create resolutions to succeed not fail

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Episode 016 - 92% of resolutions fail. Be part of the 8% that refuse to be defeated (33 minutes)

easy ways to create resolutions to succeed

You may have heard so much about resolutions, it is hard not to be over it. Join Bethanie as she walks through her quick, painless goal setting process that doesn't set you up for failure and defeat.

Making changes can be scary and attempting to change too much at once, can be a huge mistake. Listen to a somewhat different approach that you may even (dare I say it) enjoy.

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My Goals for the next 90 days (Jan - Mar 2016)
  • Business Goals:  1) Learn about Crowdfunding, decide on do it by myself or find a firm, 2) Focus on clarity and amplification of my message for better marketing, and 3) Create a 2 minute Video for the Home page by February
  • Personal Goals:  1) Get 8 hours of sleep 4 nights a week, 2) Join a gym and go 3 days a week, and 3) Do something for myself once a week (1 hour w/no guilt)

Show Notes:

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Good News:

Tony Robbins takes you through an emotional flood exercise

Before I went to Unleash the Power Within seminar, I was not Tony Robbins fan. I tried his books, couldn’t get into it. I tried his audio books and couldn’t stick to it. But once I saw this special on Oprah, he became human and a leader that I could follow.

Tony Robbins talks about the 3 ways to effect success: have a strategy, change your story and develop a quality state.

To see the quick 5 minute video on Oprah's website, click here.

To see the whole hour + video on Oprah's website, click here.

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