Resources Just for You!

You know me, I love doing things on the low low (aka free).

So, this page my friends is for you.

I will always give you the low low (aka free) option over paid.  

But sometimes you get what you paid for, like free babysitters (aka grandparents) and lazy friends helping you move, for free.  

Enjoy these.

Securing Facebook Pics

Most of us have used Facebook to replace our photo albums. BUT do you know that Facebook owns that content, not you. Make sure your Facebook photos are secure today. Take 5 minutes to secure your Facebook photos.

Click here to learn how.

Backing up photos free

Make sure you are keeping your photos and videos safe with this super fast tip. You can do it. It is easy and free. And it will take less than a minute. I promise you. 

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Preserving Your Stories & Sharing Your Life One Memory at a Time

Since we no longer have photo albums, our smartphones have become our new official family documenting tool of choice.

But there is so much more to it than that.
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Capturing Memories with Little People (aka Kids)

What do you do with all the photos and videos of your kids that are on your phone and your computer? Make that video or photo come to life with a special message from you and save it for the kids for later in their own email account.  

It will take about 15 minutes to setup but well worth it my friend. I pinky promise. 
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