The truth about your plan was never THE plan

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Your plan was WAAAAY different than what really happened (21 minutes) - Episode 019

Working hard for something you believe in is all good until things don’t go your way. As Bethanie works hard to further her business, her application to an incubator is denied because she is a startup with one founder.

Making the decision of what to focus on next, isn’t as easy as you would think. What do you do when you get feedback that goes against everything you had thought you should do?

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Show Notes:

Resources from the show:

How to take all the crap in your mind and get it organized for good. Can't sleep, dump everything out of your brain and get some sleep for real. Click here to listen/read.

Amazing headlines that will inspire pure awesomeness (ep 013) - Look at the questions your HEADLINE (not your website) needs to answer.  This was super tough for me!  Hopefully it will be better for you.  Click here to listen/read.

Best use of your ever! (ep 012) - Getting down and dirty with your website, copy and testing your marketing messages. Click here to listen/read.

 - My favorite because I like my prototypes pretty and interactive BUT I don't know how to use Photoshop.  So, there are tons of examples, icons, templates. They have a free trial!  Click here

Balsamiq - This is a good first step from the napkin.  But it is really more like wireframes or low fidelity. When writing this, I don't think they have a high fidelity option.  High fidelity is more interaction and would look more like a real phone or laptop screen.   Click here.

InVisionApp - Hands down, this is the prettiest. The interface is stunning!  Almost anything you can dream can be done in InVision but you need to have the graphic mockups already done in Photoshop.  I like to play around too much with the mockups, so paying a designer would be too costly for me at this point.  But if you have deep pockets, sign up.  They have a freemium version too.  Click here.

Photo/Videos for your prototype (or MVP) - Fantastic idea and reasonably priced.  Photos start at $8.  Killer!  Amaze! Click here to check them out.

Good News:

Tim Storey - Life Isn't about the BIG Break

Your life isn’t about the big break, it’s about one significant transforming step at a time. Today decisions are tomorrow’s realities. It’s a daily decision that creates my realities of tomorrow. Slow down. Stop, look and listen. Every dream is speaking to you. Your dream has a voice.

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I’m also passionate about guiding women through the process of leaving corporate to start their own companies. Leaving corporate was the biggest gift I’ve ever given myself. I’m happy to be the Sherpa who guides newbies to the other side – safely and profitably.

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