Use your website to test your startup idea

Use your website to test your startup idea

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Episode 013 - Bethanie learns how to leverage her website to test her value proposition, her key messaging and narrow in on her target market. (29 minutes)

You can create a website in minutes for under $20. A powerful way to use my site is to create landing pages to test my business idea, identify who is my target market, and test my value proposition. All it takes is time and a tiny, tiny ad budget (as little at $5)!

Learn the steps Bethanie is taking to test out everything that she has learned about her product, her value proposition and narrowing in on her target market. With these 3 power moves, you can get a much clearer gauge of how hot your stuff really is!

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Show Notes:

Create a strong value proposition first.
I may use a simpler formula, see my episode last week that talked about answering these 4 questions and examples of who do it really well.  Last week's episode about value prop

In one sentence you should be able to answer these four questions
1. What are you selling?
2. What is the benefit of using it?
3. Who is the target customer?
4. What makes your offering different than the competitors?

Here is a website that has a worksheet for your value proposition.   Click here to read the article

About those long sales pages!
Here is a great article with a really, really long infographic that breaks down the whole page section by section. Super useful for anyone creating a sales page, in my opinion. Click here to read

Start here to begin testing your idea with cheap Facebook Ads & Google Adwords
This is the StartupBros website and they lay out step by step what you need to do to start this in easy to understand terms This article only focuses on Google but they offer at $100 Adwords credit, so technically, you can run the whole sha-bang for free!  In order to do this, ideally you have access to your website and you can create a couple of landing pages.  The only thing StartupBros changed was the headline. Again, they only tested in Google but that is just as valid as my approach in Facebook. But for my example, I have two distinct value props, so I will need to create two landing pages. Startup Bros did the same landing pages but ONLY changed the headline 4 times.   Click here to read the article and get your $100 Google Adwords credit

Going deep into testing your website.
ConversionXL is a great resource to really do deep into topic on conversions for your website.  This post talks about getting deep into understanding why testing is so key to making sure your site is converting (meaning people take whatever action you ask them to) as good as possible.  If you are new to building your website, don't read this.  It will just overwhelm you.   Click here to read the article

WordPress is my fr-emeny tonight. I can't figure out how to embed these documents on this page. If you want the two documents below, please email me and I will send them to you. I just need to get help making it easy to get them here for you to download. In the meantime, shoot me an email at (not .com) and I will email them to you personally. Sorry about the hassle. 🙁
Website Stranger Test Documents - So you can have your friends look at your website and see if they can tell you what they think you do based on your messaging on your website. Golden, a little scary but super duper important to test your site on a few people BEFORE you pay for any test advertising.
Marketing Change Log - My spreadsheet that I use to keep track of what I change on my landing pages and in ads. There may be a better way to do this but I just use Excel because I love Excel! You knew I was a geek, right? No? Well, now you do.

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Monica Shah is a small business owner, MBA grad and business professor. I have my MBA from the Kellogg School of Management (the business school at Northwestern University). I am also an adjunct business professor in New York City, where I teach marketing and business plan classes. But first and foremost, I’m an entrepreneur, a corporate escapee and a lover of everything in the business world.

I’m also passionate about guiding women through the process of leaving corporate to start their own companies. Leaving corporate was the biggest gift I’ve ever given myself. I’m happy to be the Sherpa who guides newbies to the other side – safely and profitably.

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