When focusing on the wrong thing is too costly.

It's Time Podcast

Season 1 Finale - Having complete clarity is coming at a price. (27 minutes) - Episode 023

As Bethanie takes her clarity to the next level of FOCUS. As she closes the first season of the It’s Time Podcast, she gives you the behind the scenes look at her podcast planning and releasing process.

Bethanie closes out this season with nuggets from Tony Robbins that helped her clear the fog and start to take massive action. Show notes & links can be found at: ItsTimePodcast.com.

Please share your thoughts! Connect with Bethanie on Twitter @BethanieNonami Shoot us a line at info@itstimepodcast.com. Or give us a shout at (786) 548-1118. You can also text NOW to 38470 to sign up for our exclusive updates that won’t be shared on the podcast publicly.

Show Notes:

Resources from the show:

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer- Completely free and totally awesome.  Check it out.   

Gimlet Media - Goes behind the scenes on what they do when they create a podcast episode.  I thought my 5 hours was a lot...I guess not.  Great podcast and is one of my favs! The episode is called #16 - The Secret Formula - Startup Podcast. Click here to listen on Soundcloud.

Good News:

Tony Robbins - The Power of Clarity and Purpose

Grab a pen.  This is a good one!  Click here to watch on Tony's site.

Music Featured on this episode:
Always Hopeful - Silent Partner (Artist) - YT
Days Are Long - Silent Partner (Artist) - YT

Music Featured on every episode:
Intro - Cry - Vibe Tracks (Artist) - YT
Now, It's Time - Monks - Topher Mohr & Alexa Elena (Artists) - YT
Good News - Westfalia - Samuel Boisvert (Artist) - You ROCK (Album) (Good News)
Outro - Turn on - RW Smith (Artist) - YT

YT = YouTube Free Audio Library

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